Friday, 28 December 2007

Arty-Oz Christmas Swap Sent

This is the front cover of the 2008 diary I made for Donna Taylor in our Christmas Swap. I printed the diary pages, decorated the covers and then bound it in my "Bind-it-All" which I love. My two best purchases last year were that and my Cuttlebug, which I also wouldn't want to live without.


Gretz said...

Oh Jane I just LOVED this - it was juch a GREAT idea and so practical too.

You are such a clever cookie ;-)

sarahsart said...

Gorgeous Gift.

Jen Crossley said...

This is so cool, Donna will love it.
I have used mine already planning the new year it is the best thing since sliced bread I LOVE IT
Thanks Jane your the best

Teresa said...

This is beautiful - I"m sure Donna will love it. I'm thrilled you have a blog now - I've bookmarked it, so expect me to visit often. I love your work!