Friday, 28 December 2007

Arty-Oz Christmas Swap Sent

This is the front cover of the 2008 diary I made for Donna Taylor in our Christmas Swap. I printed the diary pages, decorated the covers and then bound it in my "Bind-it-All" which I love. My two best purchases last year were that and my Cuttlebug, which I also wouldn't want to live without.

Arty-Oz Christmas Swap Received

How lucky am I, this is the present I received from Vanessa Henry in our Christmas Swap and I just love it. It is so beautiful and everyone I have shown it to wants it - well too bad it's mine.

This is the tin the treasure came in.

And this is the beautiful fob necklace that was inside the tin.

Thank you so much Ness it is absolutely beautiful and I appreciate all the work you put in to it.

Arty-Oz Collections House Swap

For this swap we had to use the new larger chipboard houses from Julie Van Oostens "Collections" and make something special for a special person. My special person was Jenny Crossley which intimidated me no end as I had recently done a class with Jenny doing Collections houses.

Anyway this is what I came up with. This is the view of the booklet closed.

And this is the view of it opened.

The clock inside does actually work but I'm not sure how good it keeps time.

Arty-Oz Key Swap

This key ring was made for me by the very talented Elaine Hannam in a fantastic swap hosted by Vanessa Henry. I was totally blown away by the amount of work Elaine had put into this key ring, it is so beautiful. Even down to a picture of me (which isn't quite so beautiful) but made it such a personal swap.
Thank Elaine and thanks to Ness for hosting.

This is the key ring that I made for Joanne Hughes, hope she liked it.

There is a letter "Q" on one of the tags - a standing joke on Arty_Oz is the number of people whose names begin with a "J", there are quite a few of us, which makes it diffcult when you are personalising swaps. So all of us "J" girls adopted an alias - mine was and probably still is "Queenie".

Fantasy Fish

I bought some fantasy film at a recent Stamp Camp and finally got around to trying it out. Think it still needs a little refinement but I didn't think this turned out too bad for a first try.

New Year's Resolution

Well my resolution this year was to finally publish my blog and guess what...... ta da. Here it is. My next resolution is to try and keep it up to date, how I'll go with that we'll just have to wait and see.